My Life... aka "Contorted Exercises in Futility" (notspam) wrote in cryonics,
My Life... aka "Contorted Exercises in Futility"

Heloooooooo out there?

I see this community now has a total of 3 folks either members or watching it. That is kind of sad. I'd like to see this community get a lot larger. I think that it could and I'd be willing to do a bit to get it that way. I was going to actually create a community by the name of cryonics tonight but when I was in process, I discovered this is already existing. It is not coming up in any interest searches, etc. At any rate, if this is a neglected or near abandoned community, if there is a way to do so, I'd be quite happy to become a maintainer/moderator/Ruling Queen or what have you. So if you are the person who created this community with good intent, please do get back to me on this. If I don't hear from you in a week or so I will try emailing the address listed on the unserinfo page.
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