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cryonics's Journal

Freeze Me When I Die
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Relevant Links for this community

Cryonics Organizations which provide cryopreservation

Alcor Life Extension Foundation
The Cryonics Institute
TransTime Inc.

Cryonics Societies and Organizations Worldwide

Cryonics Society of Canada
Cryonics Association of Australia
Cryonics Europe
Home page of contact person for 'Cryonics News', electronic news digest in Russian
Japanese Cryonics Provider (This page is in Japanese - I was referred to it from elsewhere so I cannot guarantee its contents as I do not read Japanese)
Cryonics Meetup Page

Other Cryonics Resources

Open Directory page for cryonics
Cryonics FAQ
Cryonet - Cryonics Mailing List - Archives date back over fifteen years
Old website of the now defunct cryopreservation organization CryoCare - Still contains much good information, history and resources

Personal Home Pages of persons involved with Cryonics and Nanotechnology

Home Page of Ralph Merkle - Alcor Director, computer scientist, cryonicist and nanotechnologist
Home Page of Eric Drexler - Pioneer of nanotechnology, researcher, author, and policy advocate

Other Cryonics, Nanotechnology, Transhuman and Future Science Resources

What is Neurotechnology?
The Longevity Meme - pointing the way to a longer, healthier life
The Extropy Institute
Center for Responsible Nanotechnology
BioTech Life Sciences Resources and Reference Materials
Full Text of Eric Drexler's 'Engines of Creation - The Coming Era of Nanotechnology'

Cryonics Alternatives

Mind Uploading Home Page
Future Revival with the Help of Information